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We have worked on some cool designs in the past. Here are some of our most notable web projects.

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The Spinal Frontier

Working with Dr. Tracie was fantastic!  With locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Spinal Frontier was looking for an out of the box custom coded website.  Their fascination with robots was carried on throughout their responsive website.

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Configurable Management

Configurable Management came to us all the way from Texas. This responsive website features client login capability and many extras.  It was our largest project of 2018.

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Croix Area Fence

Tony with Croix Area Fence was looking to upgrade his starter page he built himself into a more professional looking webpage. We started with a custom Photoshop design and then developed it to the web. Now his website is fully responsive and ready to start attracting customers!

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River City Disposal Inc.

Jake came to us years ago to make his then website work via WordPress as a content management system (CMS) so he could update it himself. In 2016 his website became out of date, had missing links and information. River City Disposal hired us to create a new fully responsive website as well as custom graphic content.

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Ground Breakers Landscape & Design LLC

We developed a relationship with Ground Breakers Landscape & Design when the business was founded in 2008. Since day one, Lackey Designs has partnered with Ground Breakers to help grow the business’ identity. Items like logos, folders, business cards, gift cards, yard signs, brochures and decals were marketing tools designed to help Ground Breakers grow as a company.

In 2015, we started a rebuild project to make Ground Breakers’ website more compatible with all devices. It was important for the business owners to have a responsive website that can be viewed by all customers. Now Ground Breakers has one of the most visually appealing sites among area landscaping businesses. The website is up-to-date and includes custom written content designed to provide ample information to the customer.

“Greg, Thanks for the great job on our website! We are very happy with the work you guys did. We look forward to working with you for many years to come!”
-Troy Bergman, Owner | GB Landscape Design

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Respectful Remodeling

We met Robert through an outside business meeting. Quickly getting off topic we started talking about our day to day businesses. Robert started (as most businesses do) with a DIY website. Being based out of Somerset, WI, he was having trouble being found outside of his local area. After a quick look at their current website, I knew we had to help Respectful Remodeling succeed.

Glass Express Inc.

Glass Express is a western Wisconsin-based company that recently wanted to rebuild their aged out-of-date website. We were also contracted to create their new location’s website under a different name titled Stillwater Glass in Stillwater, MN.

Now Glass Express has a cutting edge responsive website that customers can use to find out more about the glass services. A responsive website like this one will shrink down to fit any device a customer today might use. The new websites include detailed forms that Glass Express needs to get information from customers in order to cut down on response time for orders.

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Christmas Design Lighting

Christmas Design Lighting wasn’t in existence when Jennifer and Jeremy came to us. Jeremy’s company was summer seasonal and he was looking to create more income in the winter months. We started from scratch creating a logo and marketing materials. To generate more buzz we created a facebook page and promotion as well as door hangers and postcard mailers. We then built a custom responsive webpage for them. After a full year they reported back to us that they had made enough money in one year to cover their initial investment in their new business!

Alaska Fish On Charters

Alaska Fish on charters has been one of our biggest projects ever. We first met Alaska Fish On Charters owner Gary while on a fishing trip with family near Anchorage, Alaska. The original site was not mobile friendly, his business was failing and SEO/new content was handled overseas. Unfortunately a lot of the content was poor because of the language barrier. We decided to have our content writer comb the whole site and rewrite some content.

Fortunately, Gary’s site has been in our hands ever since. Mobile users now have the opportunity to browse freely for information thanks to a new, responsive design. Now Gary’s customers have all the information they need at the tip of their fingers.

St. Croix Tree Service Inc.

St. Croix Tree Service ended up being one of our biggest web projects of 2011-12. It was pre-responsive design and was created with Adobe Dreamweaver. St. Croix Tree Service(now St. Croix SaveATree) is tree care business that operates in western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities. The only thing missing was an updated website, and the business owners entrusted Lackey Designs to make that happen.

The website was a big undertaking as it ended up requiring 36 pages. We spent a lot of time with staff members developing content and photos for the new website design. But the end result was worth it. Not only did the site turn out great, but it was award-winning as well. The St. Croix Tree Service site ended up winning a 2012 Gold Award from the Professional Communications Awards by the Tree Care Industry Association. In 2013 it was bought out by one of the largest tree services in the nation and is now St. Croix SaveATree.

Epic Guide Service

We’ve gotten to know Jake over the past few years as his guiding business was just getting started. The business started out as Epic Waterfowl, and we developed a partnership by creating a logo and designing some screen printed and embroidered hunting apparel. We later had a new logo created when the company split into Epic Guide Service.

In 2016, we set out to create a website for Epic Guide Service to showcase the business to potential customers. After not previously having a website, Jake decided it was a necessary step to grow into new areas of the industry. The website was designed to showcase each hunting or fishing option a customer has at Epic Guide Service. Our content service took care of all the writing needs for the site. Now Epic Guide Service is operating at full strength thanks to its brand new and fully operational website.


“I have been working with Lackey Designs lately to have them create a new web page for my business. I am far from being technologically advanced, but Lackey designs made this a walk in the park. The website turned out better than I could of ever imagined. Throughout the whole process, Lackey Designs was extremely professional and efficient at the short deadline we had for my website. I would highly recommend anyone looking for professional web service to contact Greg, and the rest of the team at Lackey Designs.Thanks again guys”
-Jake Kaprelian, Owner | Epic Guide Service

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Watermark Fabrication, LLC

Watermark came as a referral, they were not satisfied with their former web provider. With their sales person located near Nashville and their company headquartered in South Dakota we managed to create a custom responsive website that fit Watermark Fabrications needs.

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Evolution Entertainment

Take one look at Evolution Entertainment’s website today, and you would have no idea the previous version was created in 24 hours. As you can imagine, it left a lot to be desired when compared to other sites in the industry.

Now Evolution Entertainment’s website matches its dedication to being one of the best in wedding entertainment. The owner of the business wanted a video background on the homepage and Lackey Designs stuck with the blue theme applying an opacity to all feature images. We were able to design a custom website to match all of those needs. Thanks to the aid of professional photos by Beau Peterson, Evolution Entertainment’s website displays a new level of professionalism.

River Falls Limo

We have known Jim for quite a few years now. After a starter template webpage just wouldn’t cut it any longer we decided on creating a custom one-page design. All the information is on one page and by clicking on the top navigation it pin points the viewer to the correlating content. We also designed the new logo for River Falls Limo.

Hepa Cleaning Services

Austin with Hepa Cleaning reached out to us in need of a local company to redesign his webpage after becoming fed up with his current national web design company. Every time he needed a change he had to call and speak with a different person in customer service. Local keywords were not being highlighted and he was not impressed with his search results. This website features custom before and after sliders that show before cleaning and after with the slide of a finger or a mouse click.

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Angel Hill Technologies

Angel Hill Technologies was in need of a new website for a start-up business in the St. Croix Business Innovation Center. We did the logo, business cards, starter template website package and much more!

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Wisco Metal Works

After a successful few years in business the Leque family was looking to start navigating away from Etsy and their numerous nickel and dime percentage fees on sales.  They wanted to keep it simple and have a clean website.  Wisco Metal Works also wanted their new e-commerce website to help their business to operate more efficiently.

Shutterbug Photo Booths

Shutterbug Photo Booths was in need of an outdated free website they had been using.  This custom coded responsive website features 3rd party photo hosting integration as well as many other features.  Lackey Designs handled the logo, web design, apparel and all other marketing materials.

Keith Nelson Plumbing Inc.

We met Keith from Keith Nelson Plumbing in 2016. He was in need of a major upgrade for his company’s website. The Woodbury-based plumber knew it was outdated, and was ready to get a boost in business. The old website consisted of a single page of information, difficult for customers to navigate as they looked for a listing of services and contact information.

After working with us, Keith now has a website that matches his dedication to service. Due to the competitive nature of plumbing in the East Metro, Keith needed a website with the best design possible to help propel it to the top of search engine results. Thanks to our SEO services, Keith Nelson Plumbing is now one of the first things prospective customers see when searching on the web. Business is better than ever.

Clatters Tractors

Clatters Tractors was looking for an upgraded professional website from his older webpage he built with Godaddy web builder.   We added extra features like specified hashtag categories he could use on his facebook page posts that will make inventory appear in the specified category (i.e.- a post marked with #skids would place the skid in the skid category)

Merriment ABA

Located in Indianapolis, Merriment ABA specializes in providing compassionate ABA Therapy for Autism for children aged 18 months to 6 years with autism spectrum disorder. They prioritizes creating a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can thrive through engaging learning experiences within play. Utilizing evidence-based strategies, their ABA center tailors therapy to the unique needs of each child and their families, ensuring the most effective treatment.