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The most important tool to reach customers is a professionally built website.

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Web Design

The internet is often the first place customers will go these days when seeking a new product or service. With an outdated website, your business could be turning away potential clients.

But there is hope. Websites created by Lackey Designs are at the forefront of website design technology. We have seen plenty of change during our time in the website industry, and we have the connections to figure out what is coming next. This forward-thinking mentality has helped us win multiple website design awards over the years.

Check out some of the benefits you will receive when we create your website.

Responsive Design

Customers are using more devices than ever to access the internet, and your business’ site is no different than the rest. Technology has changed a lot in the past 30 years, and there is no sign of it slowing down. According to consumer study group Nielsen, the average American owns four digital devices and spends 60 hours per week using those devices to consume content.

What is a responsive website? These sites are created to be compatible with all devices, including smartphones and tablets. How so? A responsive web design is laid out and coded in a special way to match any screen size. You can test this out yourself by using a computer to access this site. When you alter the size of a web browser, the site will always change to fit inside the box.

Industry experts predict responsive design to be the preferred platform for the next 5-10 years.  It is smart to shift your website to a responsive design, and we can help you get there. All of our websites are designed to be responsive and match every device imaginable.

Custom Design

There are many decisions a business owner can make to save money, and going with template websites are an option. There are many places where you can find these inexpensive websites to use for your business. But is that the smart decision?

Probably not. Custom-built websites like those offered at Lackey Designs have a unique, professional design that a template will not. Perhaps even more important is your website’s cooperation with search engines. Our experienced web designers will build your site to play well with popular search engines. The background coding of a website, for example, is a big influence  in how high your site will be ranked on a search engine.

A custom-built website will also match all of the content needs you have. Our designs are built to showcase the best qualities of your company, which has a positive impact on customers.

If you are considering a template website, ask yourself whether quality is important for your business.  We compare it to a vehicle, a template website is starting with a basic car and adding various parts to it that may not work as efficiently as getting a brand new vehicle.


Although it started as a blogging site, WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System(CMS) for websites. All of our websites built after 2013 use WordPress to manage content.

Why do we use WordPress? Well for starters, it has a simple design that most customers will be able to use. Every site needs a content management system, and WordPress is one of the most user-friendly options.

WordPress will give you the option to update a website’s content without the need of outside help. Blogs are an important part of building an online presence, and WordPress will allow you to post articles whenever you want.  WordPress CMS can be accessed anywhere in the world from a simple login portal, which will only require a user name and password after we set up your account.  It doesn’t require you to download any software but will need to be updated once in awhile. Any necessary updates are included in all web packages. Don’t worry if you are not computer savvy, we are here to help!

Have questions? Contact our Lackey Designs staff to hear more about what we have to offer for your next website.