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Content Writing

The purpose of any business can often be summarized in a few short sentences. However, many business owners struggle with the process of transferring their message to pen and paper, so to speak. This can become a problem when working with many website design companies in the market today. They build the site, but you are stuck with the writing.

This is not the case at Lackey Designs. We offer an optional copywriting service that will take care of the words for you. Our freelance content writer is college-educated and has more than four years of experience as a professional writer.

The content writing process is pretty simple. An information gathering meeting of one to two hours will first be carried out to establish the necessary information for the site. This will also give the business owner an opportunity to dictate where these messages should be included on the website.

We will then get started on creating a rough draft of all the content you need for your site. Once this process is done, you will have the opportunity to look over the content and suggest any changes that are needed. Once everything is adjusted, your website will be ready to go with fresh, professionally written content.

Good copy focuses on the who, what, when, where and why of the message. Strong writing also delivers this message in the most concise way possible, keeping customers focused on the most important information. Contact Lackey Designs to find out more about the availability of our content service, and check out our Web Design Portfolio page for examples of our work.