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What Makes Lackey Designs Such an Effective Web Design Company?

What makes a company great? There’s a lot that goes into that question. The truly great brands elevate themselves by taking on more than just the surface level of the product or surface they offer. It works the same way at Lackey Designs. Although we provide web design services first and foremost, that’s not where the entire process ends. Truly effective, powerful web design goes beyond the basic “creating a website” and into what makes each brand and each web design unique. That’s our approach at Lackey Designs.

How does it work in practice? Simple. We incorporate the follow elements into our web design services:

  • Customized web design. Well, it has to start somewhere. Our customized web design process involves thorough discussions with each client to get a gauge on their specific goals for their brand. We take them through the brand messaging process and the strategies their site needs to implement to achieve those goals, then set about a blueprint for making that occur within the web design itself. The result is a highly customized process where one size never fits all.
  • Branding. What is effective branding? Web design is just one element of branding, which is why we at Lackey Designs go above and beyond the usual call of duty for web design firms. We want to know the how’s and why’s of what it is that makes your company tick. We want to get deep into the value proposition you offer.
  • Search Engine Optimization. If your website doesn’t draw any attention online, should it even be there at all? The website is there to not only direct those clients you already have to the appropriate place to contact you, but to draw in new customers and clients. Effective web design that doesn’t incorporate SEO is incomplete. We at Lackey Designs work hard to make sure you’re targeting the right key phrases at the appropriate levels.
  • Strategy. What will your web presence look like in a month? Six months? How will your web presence change over that time? This comes down to web design strategy—are you really working your web presence enough to expect a lot of quality feedback from clients and potential customers, or are you just hoping for the best? Having a proper strategy in place will change the way you think about web design.
  • Writing. What good is a quality web design if you have nothing to put on it? Writing for landing pages, blog posts, and more is essential for drawing in the right kinds of clients and potential customers. As part of our web design services, we’ll incorporate the writing you need to make sure your website is more than just a pretty face—it’s also worth visiting for its content alone.

Sound like a lot? Good. Your web presence deserves more than just a quick update. By working with Lackey Designs, you’ll receive everything you need to generate an engaging online presence that goes beyond a mere template.

What Today’s Web Design Calls For

Is it possible to find a template and upload it and call it a day? Of course. But that’s what you want your competition to do.

Your website design, on the other hand, needs to be far more engaging if it’s going to pick up even more customers.

Today’s web design calls for more than the boilerplate. It calls for more than just the online version of a business card. Here are a few of the elements we incorporate to each of our website design strategies here at Lackey Designs:

  • Responsiveness. How does your website design respond to the different challenges of today’s web? Is it accessible and navigable via mobile? Or does it lose its luster simply because someone is browsing your site on a different device? Your site also needs fast load times if you don’t want to try your visitors’ patience or risk looking unprofessional.
  • Intuitive navigation. Let’s face it—some people are just coming to your site for the basics. Your website design should make it easy to find basic and essential information such as hours, phone numbers, and location. If not, you need to make it much easier.
  • Connection. Does your website design connect with people? Does it connect with the brand you want to put out there? Or does it seem at odds with the kinds of services you provide?

If you want a service that will tackle these questions for you, it’s time to think about Lackey Designs. Contact us to schedule a free quote.