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Web Design – New Richmond, Wisconsin

It begins with an idea. You want your New Richmond, Wisconsin customers to find you with a simple search. And when they land on your site, they can see in about two seconds that not only do you offer professional-quality services, but your entire brand upholds the same standards.

The web design we offer at Lackey Designs are built to function on multiple levels:

  • Responsiveness. Does your site load quickly? Some research suggests that even a 7-second load time can increase bounce rates to the point where nearly a third of all visitors click “back” before they ever check our your website. Your site needs to be mobile-friendly and fully responsive.
  • Customization. Templates aren’t enough. Your website shouldn’t only be an accurate representation of your company, but it should show off what it is that you do in ways that the audience will understand with one look. That requires the customization and attention to detail that Lackey Designs can offer.
  • Branding. Whether your web design in New Richmond, Wisconsin is focused exclusively on that market or you want to branch out online, your branding needs to communicate to your potential leads, customers, and clients. Lackey Designs offers a level of attention to detail that will make every aspect of your website a strong representation of your brand.

A website design is about more than merely looking good. It’s also about finding the right combination of strategies that will turn it into a winning website—a website that attracts attention and turns visitors into genuine leads.

The Complete Lackey Designs Services

Once we sit down with a client, we make it clear the full range of services we have to offer. That goes beyond web design to incorporate peakSEO, Branding, Strategy, and even the writing necessary to populate your site with effective content.

Why go beyond web design in New Richmond? Because we recognize that web design is a platform—a launching pad for your business to find the right mix of clients and customers. That launching pad is more than just a snippet of what you can do as a business. It should be a complete picture. Our complete web design services will help you realize the full potential of your web presence with a simple, intuitive, and gorgeous design that accurately reflects the brand you want to be.

Why You Need a New Website Today

Why bother with a fresh website design? It’s about more than updating your look. It’s about updating who you are as a brand—and what that means for anyone that comes to visit your website. Here are a few reasons to consider a website upgrade with Lackey Designs:

  • Mobile traffic constitutes a majority of all web traffic today. No matter where you are, you’ll see people with their mobile phones out. That’s reflected in Internet traffic, where we now see that mobile browsing has taken up a majority of the clicks. If your website isn’t responsive to these challenges, then your visitors will simply go to one that is.
  • Fresh content matters. But so does having the infrastructure in place to update your site with all sorts of new content, blogs, and updated product and service information. Lackey Designs can set you up with the appropriate content management system to ensure you have everything you need to continually tweak and update your website as your business changes—and as it grows.
  • Your strategy needs to match your brand. Don’t think of your website as a pumped-up version of a business card, because it’s more than that. It’s also a place where people go to get a sense of what your business is. They want information, sure, but they also want to see what you’re all about. Lackey Designs can help you build more than just a site; we’ll help you build a bona fide web presence.
  • Today’s web user wants more. They want more than a phone number. More than a “contact us” page. They want to get to know you on a professional level. They want to get a sense of who you are and what you can offer. That’s as true in small towns like New Richmond, Wisconsin as it is in major markets from Minneapolis to New York.

What will it take for your company in New Richmond to get noticed? A new web presence would be a great start. If you’re interested in working with Lackey Designs, contact us to find out how easy it can be.