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Writing an Effective Blog

Writing an Effective Blog

Writing an Effective Blog

Blogs are more than just fun and games for business owners who hope to build a quality website.

Yes, blogs are undoubtedly a good source of information for customers, but that is not the only benefit. Quality blogs will also help your website’s appeal to the most popular search engines on the internet.

The strategy of improving your website’s ranking on popular search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can be complicated, and many of its details can be saved for another day. But there is one easy way you can help out your website’s SEO: Blogging.

As a business owner, you are already considered an expert in your field. Blogs will offer a platform to both convey your knowledge and help out in the SEO department.

How will this happen? Here are a few ways that blogs will help your website climb the rankings on popular search engines:


Creating a content rich website:

Content is king and with new updates to the Google algorithm consistently creating new unique content will show in your analytics.

When you continually update your website by adding pages, Google and other major search engines will take notice. Search engines do this by checking on the number of quality indexed pages contained inside a website.  This is known as web crawling.

When you continually update your website by adding new pages with good information, Google’s ranking algorithms will take notice. Search engines are interested in websites that are active, and blogs will help you meet that requirement. After all, search engines are always working to give users the best results possible. Having good content will prove that your site belongs at the top.

Drawing in customers:

Customers who are interested in a product may also have plenty of questions. And that’s great, because blogs will give you an opportunity to showcase your solutions.

This blog is a great example of that: ‘Why are blogs essential for your website?’ Hopefully by now you have learned something.

Once a customer sees that you are an expert in your field, they may also be interested in what you have to offer. This could help drum up some business. Plus, like we said before, search engines are in a never-ending quest for quality results.



This is another way a good blog will help build SEO. If another website owner finds a blog interesting, they may post a link back to your site.


Why is that? Search engines take notice when two quality, alike websites link to each other. These external links are almost considered a third-party vote that a website is helpful. The idea is that external links are hard to manipulate, and thus they can be used to determine the popularity of a site.

But beware, linking schemes with non-trustworthy websites will also hurt your SEO. This should not be a problem as long as credible sites are providing those links.



A keyword is the subject word that customers use when looking for specific things on a search engine. For example, the customers of Lackey Designs may search for something like “Wisconsin website services.” When you include these words in your content, you will alert search engines to the kind of information the site provides.

But beware, your site’s SEO may be hurt if the keywords are crammed into the content aimlessly. The words on every page have to mean something.

This is why quality content will help. If you are using relevant terms in a constructive manner, you will be rewarded by popular search engines. The optimal keyword density is 2-5% of a page. Blogs are a great way to use these keywords to your advantage.
We hope you have learned something about why blogs are important for your website. A good blog will not only get you kudos from customers, but also from popular search engines as well. Happy writing!